Military Service Recognition Book

Military Service Recognition Book 98 I.B.E.W. LOCAL 115 PROUD SPONSORS OF OUR VETERANS Now, Ernie is part of an active community again. Not only is he making new friends, but he is back to doing the things he’s always enjoyed: a morning coffee with the gang, a game of afternoon cards and shooting pool after dinner. Like your friends down the hall? We can help. At Chartwell, they’re just down the hall Ernie’s friends moved away from the neighbourhood… 255 Governor’s Rd., Dundas, ON ' # $ % &""" ’ well CHART .COM We thank you for your bravery & strength At Chartwell, we believe it is the duty of all Canadians to thank our veterans. It is but a small gesture to those who offered such a great sacrifice for our country. Please contact us today to arrange your personal visit and complimentary lunch.