Military Service Recognition Book

115 ONTARIO COMMAND GAMMAGE, William W. William was born in London, Ontario on July 20, 1950. He joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1940 and served in Canada until his discharge in 1944. Williams’s family has the letters that he sent to his wife during his training. He sent one letter every day he was away, describing life in the Air Force. He trained to be a navigator and learned to navigate by the Stars at night during blackouts. Returning to civilian life, he carried on in the Gammage Flower business which is still operating today in London after 100 years in business. William passed away on May 26, 1998. GEE, Kenneth W. “Ken” Ken was born on January 7, 1927 in Castleford, Yorkshire, England. He joined the Duke of Wellington Regiment in February 1946 and trained in England and Scotland before selection for OCTV. He was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant in 1947 then was seconded to the East Yorkshire Regiment, British Occupation Army, patrolling the Yugoslav border in Austria. Austria was occupied by the four allies like Germany and Vienna and was also divided like Berlin, which was actually inside the Russian Zone. He was stationed in Steiermark (Styria), mainly patrolling the Yugoslav (now Slovenia) border, and spent some time in Radkersburg, Leibnitz at Company “Q” and Graz at Battalion HQ. Ken was discharged in April 1948. GEDDES, John R. John was born in Arran Township, Ontario on September 15, 1894. He joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force in 1915 and served with the 71st Battalion in the Flying Corps. John was killed in action on November 3, 1917 in Belgium and is buried in Dozinghem Military Cemetery in Belgium.