Military Service Recognition Book

127 ONTARIO COMMAND GRIFFITHS, Harry Harry was born in Warrington, England in 1890. He joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force and served in Europe as a Sergeant with the 19th and 34th Battalion. Harry passed away in 1961. GUMMER, Donald G. Donald was born in May 1924 in Cobourg, Ontario. He enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1941 and served in Canada and in the Bahamas. He was discharged in 1945. Donald was a member of Cobourg Legion Branch 133 for sixty-one years before he passed away on December 2, 2007. GRIFFITHS, Ronald Ronald was born in December 1918 in Warrington, England. He served in the Army reserves prior to joining the Royal Canadian Navy in 1939 and serving during World War II. Ronald was discharged in 1945.