Military Service Recognition Book

131 ONTARIO COMMAND HAIGHT, Brian Joseph Brian was born on March 18, 1922 in Bracebridge, Ontario. He served in the Provost Corps as a military policeman in England from 1940 to 1945. After meeting Matilda Ripley during his service in England, they married and had their first child before Brian and his family returned home. They lived for many years on Airport Road in North Bay, Ontario where they had ten children. He worked as a switchman/brakeman with the Ontario Northland Railway in North Bay, was an avid hunter and fisherman and always had a large vegetable garden. Brian died accidentally at the age of 43 on November 11, 1965 doing one of the things he loved the most, which was hunting. HALIBURTON, Wilhemina “Margaret” Margaret was born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan on February 25, 1922. She served in the Women’s Royal Canadian Naval Service from April 1942 until January 1946 as a Wireless Telegrapher serving in three shore installations, becoming a Huff Duff (HF/DF – High Frequency/Direction Finder) operator. When U-boats reported home, it was possible to determine their approximate position by comparing the HF/DF bearings from the many shore installations in the Maritimes. She intercepted a message in German text which was the earliest notification that Hitler was dead. In the 60s, Margaret moved to Toronto, worked full time and raised a family. She joined the Toronto Wren Association and the Naval Club and held many positions including President of both organizations. Margaret belonged to various Legions over the years, finally joining Fort York Legion Branch 165. She was awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal. HAIGHT, Owen T. Owen was born in Bracebridge, Ontario on December 14, 1923. He enlisted on January 15, 1943 and served as a Gunner in the United Kingdom and Continental Europe with the 11th Canadian LAA Regiment of the Royal Canadian Artillery. He landed in Scotland on September 2, 1943 and was in Nymegan, Holland from December 2, 1944 until April 3, 1945. On January 4, 1944, he passed his aircraft test and was drafted to the 62 BTY N LAA Regiment and by August 27, was striving for the Regina Rifles. Owen recalls driving in a jeep with five other soldiers until they stopped for a smoke break. Owen proceeded toward a building and then heard an explosion. He turned around to look and realized that five of the men with him had died instantly. Some of his memories were sad and hard to forget. He was discharged on February 7, 1946. Owen received the Canadian Volunteer Service Medal with Clasp, the 1939-45 Star and the France and Germany Star. Owen was a member of Central Muskoka Legion Branch 161 prior to his passing away on May 26, 1989.