Military Service Recognition Book

133 ONTARIO COMMAND HALL, Marguerite L. Marguerite was born on September 20, 1925 in Leamington, Ontario. She joined the Royal Canadian Air Force on December 2, 1943, served in Canada during World War II and was discharged on April 4, 1945. Marguerite has been a member of Last Post Legion Branch 410 for ten years. HAMILTON, Charles S. Charles was born in Timmins, Ontario on September 4, 1940. He joined the Army on June 2, 1957 and served in Canada and Germany with the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps. His first year was spent in Ottawa, followed by two years in Borden. From 1959-60, he served in Churchill, Manitoba followed by a tour in Germany from 1960-63. Charles was discharged on August 17, 1964 after serving with NATO in Europe. He has been a member of Sault Ste. Marie Legion Branch 25 for sixteen years. HAMBLY, Brian W. Brian was born on May 8, 1939 in Plymouth, England. He enlisted on September 12, 1955 and was discharged on May 8, 1969 after serving on HMS Dunkirk, HMS Bermuda, HMS Agincourt and HMS Grenville. When he joined the Royal Navy, he was an Engine Room Artificer apprentice, the Korean War was over and the Cold War with the Soviet Union was quite serious. His apprenticeship complete, he then spent 18 months on a destroyer in the Mediterranean tracking Russian ships and submarines. Next, he joined a Cruiser and spent a year in the Baltic Sea and North Atlantic doing the same thing. After two years ashore training Ghanaians in West Africa, he served on three warships in other parts the world, including the Far East. As Chief Petty Officer, he was responsible for the operation and maintenance of engine rooms and personnel. He retired on May 8, 1969 after 14 years of service in the Navy and with NATO. Brian was a member of Haliburton Legion Branch 129 for fourteen years.