Military Service Recognition Book

143 ONTARIO COMMAND HICKMOTT, Walter Walter was born on January 16, 1897 on a farm near Kingsville, Ontario. On January 7, 1916, he enlisted with the 99th Battalion (Essex Regiment). Arriving in England, he was assigned to the 19th Battalion and he proceeded to France. At Vimy Ridge, he received a gunshot wound to his right arm and he was invalidated to England before returning to duty in December 1917. In March 1918, he was “slightly wounded – shrapnel” but returned to duty one week later. A month later on April 16, near the village of Boyelles, the Germans attacked trenches occupied by A Company. Captain Roberts ordered a counter-attack, which included Walter’s platoon, commanded by Lieutenant George Borthwick. After successfully repelling the enemy, at approximately noon, Walter and George were both killed by a sniper. Sergeant Thatcher killed the sniper. Walter and George will serve together forever at Bellacourt Military Cemetery in Rivière, France. HOFFMAN, John Frank John was born on September 26, 1920 in the Milverton, Ontario. He joined the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve on August 5, 1941 and served on: HMCS Prince David in the Atlantic to the Pacific by way of the Panama Canal (December 1941-April 1943); HMCS Timmins on the Triangle Run via Halifax, Newfoundland and Boston or New York (June 1943-July 1944); and HMCS Fennel which was a mid-ocean escort from Newfoundland to Londonderry (August 1944-July 1945). John was discharged on August 23 1945 and was a woodworker for Honderich Electrohome Furniture Factory in Milverton, Ontario for 48 years. He has been a member of Milverton Legion Branch 565 for fifty-seven years. HILSON, Patrick N. Patrick was born on December 19, 1934 in Toronto, Ontario. He enlisted on July 16, 1952 and served in Canada and with the 2nd Infantry Battalion, Movement Con Egypt and Inf. Korea. He served three times with NATO in Germany and also spent time in Egypt with the UN. Patrick also served with the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps and at NDHQ before being discharged on July 26, 1979. He was awarded the CDS Commendation for Bravery during a fire at the Laurentian Hotel in Montreal.