Military Service Recognition Book

45 ONTARIO COMMAND BOORMAN, Gerald H. Gerald was born in Toronto, Ontario on September 6, 1924. He joined the Army in 1940 and served in Europe as an engineer with the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps until his discharge in 1945. He also served in Korea from 1950-51. Gerald was a snow plow operator at CFB Borden and was a member of Angus Legion Branch 499 for forty years as well as a Past President. He passed away in May 1996. BOUGIE, Clyde R. Clyde was born on Manitoulin Island, Ontario on October 8, 1926. He enlisted on February 16, 1944 and was discharged on October 10, 1974. He served with the Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury Regiments and with the Bugle Band from June 1943 to September 1944. He was also with the RCIC (1944-1946), RCR (1946-1951) and with the RCAMC from 1951-1974. Clyde served in various areas including Canada (1943-1957), West Germany (1957-1959) and Korea (1952-1953), to name a few. He recalls an incident when he was attached to 1RCR as a hygiene assistant. After successfully investigating a severe case of Staphylococcus food poisoning amongst the soldiers, Major Smillie had him posted to 25FDS Lab for the rest of the war. Clyde was awarded the Canadian Forces Decoration. He has been a member of several Legion Branches: Picton 78 (5 years); Petawawa 517 (4 years); Alliston 171 (9 years); Lyle 559 (3 years); and Barrie 147 (18 years). BOORMAN, Robert H. “Bob” Bob was born in Toronto, Ontario on December 15, 1931. He enlisted in the Canadian Army with the 2nd Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment, Special Force and served in Petawawa, Fort Lewis, Washington, Wainwright, Alberta and Japan. He also served in Korea from August 1950 to January 1953. Bob worked at the Royal Canadian Air Force Station at Camp Borden, Ontario in 1954 and was trained as a steam plant engineer. He retired from the Power House H. R. C. Orillia in 1992 and has been a member of Orillia Legion Branch 34 for forty-one years.