Military Service Recognition Book

Military Service Recognition Book 54 Total Crane Maintenance For Any Type of Crane 24/7 Parts and Service Webco - World Recognized Brand We Offer Superior Solutions We Have It Just When You Need It Overhead Cranes - Jib Cranes - Work Station Cranes - Monorails & Hoists 1621 McEwen Drive, Unit 26, Whitby, ON L1N 9A5 Ph: 905.436.1958 Fax: 905.436.2890 WEBCO Material Handling Inc In Honour Of Private Wilfred Raymond Webb 35th Battery, RCA and RCE It was during the terrible times of WWII when our parents met. Our dad, Wilfred Raymond Webb, born on Dec 14, 1918 in Bishopton, Quebec, was first stationed in England. It was at the time of the Blitz when Hitler bombed London, and he was among the soldiers who tried to help the citizens of a devastated city. He was then stationed in Scotland in the summer of 1943, where he met his future bride, Betty. Our mother, Elsie Elizabeth Knowles, was born on April 18, 1923 in Aberdeen, Scotland. She was at a dance at the Palais de Dance where our dad saw her from across the room and said, that was the woman he would marry. And he did, on June 23, 1944. After the war our parents settled on a farm in Bishopton, Quebec. After eight years of living in the country, they sold the farm and moved into a house in the small town of East Angus, where they remained for the next twenty-four years. Gradually, one by one, everyone moved to Ontario, including our parents. And now so far these seven children have given them fifteen grand children and fourteen great grand children. Our dad who passed away in May 2006. Thanks Mom and Dad Your loving Children: Beverly, Jo-Anne, Marshall, Deborah, Alan, David, and Donna