Military Service Recognition Book

5 ONTARIO COMMAND A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT My friends and comrades, how can we properly recognize and honour someone who has freely stepped forward to defend their country, its citizens, their way of life and each other? How do we thank those who were prepared to give "their todays" for all of our tomorrows? We honour them and that memory by never forgetting that we owe all of them, from whatever war, conflict or mission a debt that can never fully be repaid and that their patriotism, service and self sacrifice, is forever remembered and is never forgotten or taken for granted. That is why Ontario Command of the Royal Canadian Legion in conjunction with Fenety Marketing has produced our first "Military Service Recognition Book" . That all our "local heroes" from across this Province, whatever their service, from the Boer War to Afghanistan, WILL BE REMEMBERED. That their record of individual service, personal stories, triumphs or tragedies can be told and honoured by all of us who have benefited so profoundly by their actions. I personally thank all those who have chosen to contribute and share their, or a family member’s “story” with us and as we read through these “biographies” of service let us all receive understanding of the meaning of patriotism, duty and sacrifice. On behalf of Ontario Command I would also like to thank Comrade Ron Goebel for "chairing" the activities of our "Military Service Recognition Book" initiative and the dedication and hard work of our submission coordinators, Carolyn McCaul and Mary Ann Goheen and Command Staff, whose contributions have been just awesome. Thank you also to Fenety Marketing for their help in the production of this permanent record of remembrance. We will remember them. Bruce Julian Provincial President "They served till death! Why not we?"