Military Service Recognition Book

69 ONTARIO COMMAND CHATZISSAVAS, Ronald C. Ronald was born in Timmins, Ontario on January 29, 1952. He enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force on June 22, 1969 and served at: St. Hubert, Quebec; 414 Squadron, North Bay; 416 Squadron, Chatham, New Brunswick; DCIEM, Toronto; 416 and 410 Squadrons, Cold Lake; and 406 Squadron in Shearwater, Nova Scotia. After serving in Canada and Europe, he retired as Sergeant and was discharged on May 22, 1993. He then worked for NATO in Geilenkirchen, Germany for nine years after retirement. Ronald received the Canadian Forces Decoration 1. He has been a member of Gore Bay Legion Branch 514 for twenty years. CHRISTIAN, Donald P. Donald was born in Wallaceburg, Ontario on July 31, 1930. The draft came out in 1952 and he chose the Navy. Donald joined on February 18, 1952 and took a course to become a radar controller whose job was to aim and fire the gun under the control of a gunnery officer. He served on the White Throat, HMCS Wallaceburg, HMCS Haida and HMCS Magnificent. Donald remarked that he enjoyed his five years as he saw lots and went north in the summer and south in the winter. He was discharged on February 18, 1957. He had three brothers who served in the Navy during World War II. Donald has been a member of Elmira Legion Branch 469 for four years. CHEESEMAN, Roy Roy was born in Toronto, Ontario on April 1, 1921. He joined the Royal Canadian Navy in 1943 and served on the high seas aboard HMS Premier (C.P.O.). He was discharged in 1945. Roy died on March 18, 1981.