Military Service Recognition Book

Military Service Recognition Book 72 A Calling Within A Calling The Catholic Church of Alexandria-Cornwall has a rich KLVWRU\ LQ &DQDGD·V $UPHG Forces and Navy. During the last 100 years, many of our priests have served as military chaplains. Reverend (Major) Ewen MacDonald was the first chaplain to serve from our Diocese during World War I. Rt. Reverend Donald Kerr (Seventh Rector) was part of one of the Normandie landing parties and spent many days among the dying and dead. Reverend (Colonel) Raoul Poirier became chaplain in 1951 when the Korean Conflict began. He was directed by Bishop Brodeur to change his vocation for the duration of the war. A number of our priests have and continue to follow in the footsteps of these three great soldiers. Cimetière Notre-Dame Cemetery & South Branch Crematorium The Catholic Cemeteries of Alexandria-Cornwall The Catholic Church of Alexandria-Cornwall Chaplains Retreat Villa Fatima, Alexandria, Ontario 1955 Reverend (Colonel) Raoul Poirier 1951-1953 Rt. Reverend Donald Kerr (1939-1945) Reverend (Major) Ewen MacDonald 1914-1918 / 1939-1945) The Catholic Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall administers 21 parish cemeteries as well as Notre-Dame Cemetery. Throughout our cemeteries you will find the final resting spot of local men and women ZKR KDYH VHUYHG LQ &DQDGD·V PLOLWDU\ Our Catholic cemeteries are available to all Catholics and their family members, whether or not those family members are also Catholic. A selection of burial services is available including ground burial, columbarium and cremation. In addition to the cemeteries, the Diocese operates the South Branch Crematorium. Our local crematorium is available to all, regardless of faith. Our cemeteries offer a comforting atmosphere in which our Catholic Faith is celebrated and love for family and friends is remembered. You can trust our dedicated staff to treat your loved ones with respect. For pre-arrangements, burials and cremations please call 613-933-4331 or visit our website at Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall ?