Military Service Recognition Book

Military Service Recognition Book 78 Jahmes L. McNickle was a man of quiet strength and generosity. For the last decade of his life, he anonymously helped families and veterans in need in his community at Christmas time. He also quietly transformed his lifelong struggles with rheumatoid arthritis into a vision of health for future generations su ering from this devastating autoimmune disease. On his passing in late 2010, e Arthritis Society learned of the bequest of his estate to e Society for the purpose of funding promising research into rheumatoid arthritis. An orphan of the Great Depression, Jahmes had a remarkable life, riding the rails and working across Canada until his enlistment in the army. On his return from the front, Jahmes carried many stories he would recount over decades to come. To those close to him, Jahmes will be remembered as a proud WWII veteran, storyteller and friend. To e Society, he will be remembered as a quiet champion for the more than 4.6 million Canadians living with arthritis today. If you live with arthritis, don’t face your pain alone. The Arthritis Society is here to help. Contact us at 1.800.321.1433 or visit our website at for information and support. If you are interested in supporting Jahmes’s vision of a future free from the pain and disability of arthritis, there are many ways to make a contribution. Please contact Sandra Dow by phone at 416.979.3353 ext 3343 or by email at We have arthritis. It doesn’t have us! 1.800.321.1433 /ArthritisSociety @ArthritisSoc