Military Service Recognition Book

7 ONTARIO COMMAND A MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRMAN Comrades, Ontario Command is very proud to introduce our first most successful Military Service Recognition Book to our Branches and general public. Our expectations for the first book far exceeded the number of submissions that we had expected and have not all been included in this book. However, additional submissions received will be included in our second book that will be published in September of 2015. This and all future books will be most beneficial to all Branches within our Command that will identify and recognize many of our Veterans in the Province of Ontario who have served their country so well during times of conflict and peace. Having these books go into our local schools, libraries and our local Branches, can only assist us in the teachings of Remembrance, and at the same time maintain a living document of the Military Service of our Veterans in Ontario. In 2011, our Provincial President, Andre Paquette, appointed a Committee to research the possibility for such a book for Ontario Command. I would like to take this opportunity of thanking him for the appointment as Chairman of this important Committee. It has been both a privilege and an honour to have worked on behalf of Ontario Command in the research and implementation of such a worthwhile initiative. The other members appointed to that Committee were, Comrades Brian Weaver, Brian Smith, Sharon McKeown and Robyn Zettler. I thank all of them for their assistance, hard work and dedication over the past two years in putting this book together. A big thank you as well to our Command President Bruce Julian and Executive Director Dave Gordon for all of their assistance in the finalization of our program, and the publication of our first book. A very special thanks to our book coordinators Comrades Carolyn McCaul and Mary Ann Goheen. The success of our first book would not have been possible without all of their hard work and dedication. They worked many long hours to ensure that our submissions for the book were sent to the publishers in a timely fashion. I congratulate all of our Branches and their members for their participation in the gathering of stories that make this book so special. For any Branches who may not yet be involved in our program, I encourage you to do so for our next publication. It is only through your efforts that we will continue to be successful in telling the story about our Veterans in communities all across Ontario. Yours in Comradeship, Ron Goebel Chairman Military Service Recognition Book