Military Service Recognition Book

95 ONTARIO COMMAND DOELLE, Frances E. Frances was born in Pembroke, Ontario on August 5, 1925. She joined the Army in June 1944 and served in Canada with the Canadian Women’s Army Corps, posted to DMH A23 Elkins Barracks. She remembers when Victory was declared in Europe in 1945 and celebrations in Halifax became so intense that several service personnel and civilians started riots and looted stores, resulting in significant economic and political damage. She also recalls in July 1945 when a large mushroom cloud was visible in the air and a fire started on the dock in Bedford Basin, Nova Scotia at the ammunition storage depot. There was another explosion that evening and another during the night over an area covering over 400 acres. Thousands of people had to be evacuated to Halifax and Dartmouth. She received her war service Medal and was discharged in October 1945, after which she was employed as an inspector at a local plant. On September 14, 2014, Frances will celebrate her 65th wedding anniversary. Frances is a member of Pembroke Legion Branch 72. DONOGHUE, Clayton N. Clayton was born in Toronto, Ontario on April 26, 1954. He enlisted in March 1977 and served in Canada with the Grey and Simcoe Foresters and the 3rd Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment. He was engaged in many activities during his service, most notably during the Barrie Tornado Relief Operation, the Red River Flood operation in Manitoba and the ice storm of Eastern Ontario and Quebec for which he received a special Service Medal. He was also part of the Total Force Operation of 1986-1999 and was a member of the SSF, 1st Armoured Brigade, 3 RCR (10/90) Strike Company. This program was an integration of Reservist and Regular Forces. He earned the Queen’s Silver Jubilee and the Golden Jubilee Medals for above average service to the unit. Warrant Officer Donoghue was discharged in February 1999. He was awarded the Canadian Decoration with Clasp for 22 years of service. He has been a member of Orillia Legion Branch 34 for two years. DOHERTY, Robert J. Robert was born on July 6, 1930 in Cobourg, Ontario. He joined the Army in 1950 and served in Korea as a Gunner in the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery. He was discharged in 1953. Robert was a member of Cobourg Legion Branch 133 for forty-six years before he passed away on October 25, 2006.