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Ladies' Auxiliary

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The Legion was founded in November 1925 in Winnipeg and chartered in July 1926 by special Act of Parliament. However, Veteran's Welfare and Assistance had been carried on since 1916.  During the 1914-1918 war years as wounded Veterans returned home, women were asked to help with their recovery by visiting hospitals, sending parcels to the hospitalized and to needy families. These ladies served the Veterans and their dependants. Thus, our Ladies' Auxiliary unofficially became a reality! Ontario Command currently has 220 Auxiliaries with 6,520 members.

Ladies' Auxiliary Objective

The members of the Ladies' Auxiliary shall be available to assist the Branch in its activities. As the individual Branches are the most important element in the structure of the Royal Canadian Legion, thus the Ladies' Auxiliary becomes a very integral part of the work of the Legion at all levels.  

Becoming an Auxiliary member can be a very rewarding experience. Our Auxiliaries goals are important to us, and so are our Members!  They ensure that activities are planned for you to enjoy as well.  It is recognized that not everyone wants to or can give the same time commitment to the Auxiliary, but we are grateful for whatever time you can spare to assist with the work of this great national organization.

Legion and Auxiliary Major Programs 

The Ladies' Auxiliary has many fund raising activities throughout the year, and funds raised locally are given to assist the local Legion Branches, health facilities and programs, school activities, and Bursaries. Also, sponsorship of Cadets, Girl Guides, and Brownies, as well as other charitable organizations. In many communities LEGION HOUSING has been built and is being maintained by the local Branches with assistance from the Ladies' Auxiliary in many cases.  The Auxiliaries annually support local and Provincial Youth sports activities. During the year ended on May 31, 2022 we donated back to the community over $152,928.44. In a one year period, we have donated $62,287.16 to look after our Veterans and have donated to our Branches $500,922.25.


Bursary assistance is available for students attending a post secondary institution. The amount of  $1,000.00 is given each year. During the year ending on May 31, 2022, we have donated $50,798.00 to this program.


Membership is open to any female Canadian citizen or Commonwealth subject of federal voting age who supports the purposes and objects of the Legion  and undertakes to support the activities of the Legion especially the annual Poppy Campaign. Complete the application provided [Ladies' Auxiliary Membership Application] and bring it to your nearest Legion Branch.

Ladies' Auxiliary Sports Activities

The Auxiliaries enjoy friendly competition within our Command such as Cribbage, Darts (Single, Doubles & Teams) & Euchre Tournaments.

After much consideration it has been decided to change the timing of the Ladies Auxiliary Provincial Convention.  The next Provincial Convention will be held on Sunday May 26th to Tuesday May 28th, 2024.  The location is still being determined and information will be posted as soon as confirmation is received.

At this time we would advise the future Provincial Conventions will be held May 23-26, 2026 and May 20-23, 2028.  We are open for bids on hosting these events.  Please send your information package to Comrade Kim Adams, Provincial Secretary at P.O. Box 978, Haileybury, On P0J 1K0 for consideration.

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