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Current and Former Members of the Canadian Forces
and their Dependants

You may qualify for benefits!

You need not be a member of the Legion!

If you do not apply, you will not know if you qualify.

The Legion is here to assist you by completing claims through any agency of Veterans Affairs Canada.

We are concerned that Veterans, Still Serving and Former Members of the Canadian Armed Forces and/ or their dependants may not get all the available government support from Veterans Affairs Canada that they need and deserve. Veterans, serving and former members of the Canadian forces (regular or reserve), Merchant Navy veterans, serving or former members of the RCMP, and widows!

You may not be receiving all the benefits to which you are entitled. Or you may have a family member or friend who could benefit from speaking to one of our Service Officers.

You may qualify for:

  1. Disability Pension

    Disabilities incurred during Active Force Service (wartime), during duty in a Special Duty Area (UN), or directly related to peacetime service may be pensionable through Veterans Affairs Canada. Legion Service officers can help you complete pension applications. They can also assist you with appeals to obtain entitlement to a pension or pension increases. Widows of former members may also apply.

  2. War Veterans Allowance (WVA)

    This Veterans Affairs Canada income related program ensures that a qualified person receives a minimum monthly income and supportive treatment benefits.

    • Qualifications -age 60 male; 55 female;
    • service in a theatre of war, or in receipt of a wartime disability pension; income from all sources with certain exemptions must be at or below the permissible level, with residency in Canada prior to enlistment.
    • Widows may also apply.
  3. Veterans Independence Program (VIP)

    Qualified persons may receive services from Veterans Affairs Canada to enable them to continue to reside in their own homes or apartments by assisting with cost of housekeeping and groundskeeping. The program may also help with costs of long term care or adult daycare charges.


    Veterans 65 years of age or older, with particular health needs, who would receive WVA except for the receipt of OAS income, veterans 65 years of age or older with one year of wartime service in Canada who qualify because of their income, pensioners with needs related directly to their pensioned disabilities and 'frail' pensioners who require assistance for non-pensioned condition(s).

  4. Treatment Programs

    Veterans in receipt of WVA and VIP are generally eligible to receive treatment benefits such as medical, dental, prescription drugs, eyeglasses, hearing aids and prosthetic devices, etc. Disability pensioners may receive treatment for their specific pensioned condition(s). Disability pensioners (with the exception of Regular Force Pensioners who are receiving VIP for a non-SDA dsiablility) in receipt of the VIP program receive full treatment benefits. Provincial Service Officers can also help you to review your entitlement to Attendance Allowance and other special benefits and to obtain required treatment needs or aids.

  5. Take Notice

    You may have previously applied without success. Your pensioned condition may have worsened over the years. The Legion can assist you with appeals or pension assessment increases. Widows/widowers may also apply and can now apply for an increase to any rate of pension (below the maximum) in pay at the time of their spouse's death.

  6. Financial Assistance

    Benevolent Funds are available to assist qualified veterans, ex -servicemen and their spouses/dependants with emergency financial needs that are related to the costs associated with food, shelter, and medical care, such as hearing aides, eyeglasses and dental care. Application can also be made on behalf of Imperial Veterans/ Ex-servicemen from sources in U.K., The Soldier's Aid Commission (Ontario), Legion Poppy Funds (Provincial and Branch). Educational assistance may also be offered through Legion bursary programs.

  7. New Veterans Charter - The New Veterans Charter applies to peacetime Canadian Forces Veterans and those still serving in the Canadian Forces.  Information on the Charter can be found at the Veterans Affairs Canada Website  (www.veterans.gc.ca/eng).  You may find the link "Get the Facts or the self screening tool helpful. For assistance with your application contact Veterans Affairs Canada or your nearest Royal Canadian Legion Branch Service Officer. If in doubt apply anyway. 
Act Now!

If you feel you may qualify for any of these programs - contact an Ontario Command Branch.

Ontario Command
89 Industrial Parkway North
Aurora, ON, L4G 4C4
Toll Free: 1-888-207-0939
Phone: 905-841-7999
Fax: 905-841-9992