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Our Provincial Sports Program was instituted by the Elected Officers of the Ladies Auxiliary Ontario Command and is under the jurisdiction of the Administrative Committee.

Our policy of the sports program is to encourage friendly competition among the Auxiliaries, Zones and Districts. The program will be conducted in a matter, which will be in the best interest of the Auxiliary as a whole and not for any particular Auxiliary, Zone, District or individual member.

Our SPORTS YEAR runs from the following:

Auxiliary June 1 - May 31
Zone June 1 - March 31
District June 1 - May 31
Provincial July 1 - June 30

Our DISTRICT TOURNAMENTS are held on the same dates every year
(with allowances made for Easter weekend).

Euchre 4th Saturday in October
Single & Doubles Darts 3rd Saturday in November
Cribbage 2nd Saturday in March
Team Darts 1st Saturday in April

PROVINCIAL TOURNAMENTS are held on the same dates every year.

Euchre 4th Saturday in March
Single & Doubles Darts 4th Saturday in April
Cribbage 1st Saturday in June
Team Darts 4th Saturday in June

Wishing all a great year in sports!
Remember there would be no winners if there were no losers.
Be gracious in victory and kind in defeat!

NOTE:  Please remember all tournaments are scent free.

Ladies Aux Sports results for 2015

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