Military Service Recognition Book

123 ONTARIO COMMAND GRAHAM, Doris Doris was born in London, England on May 17, 1917. She served in Britain as a Barrage Balloon Operator in the WAAF section, a part of the Royal Air Force and was discharged in 1945. Doris met and married Jack Graham and she came to Canada as a war bride. Jack passed away recently and Doris is now in a nursing home but is a member of the War Veterans & Friends Club. She has the regular World War II Medals and the Queen’s lapel Pin. Doris has been a member of Sarnia Legion Branch 62. GRAHAM, Joseph Orr Orr was born on October 27, 1910 in Knox, North Dakota. He joined the Canadian Army on July 24, 1940 and served in Canada with the Medical Corps/Forestry Corps until his discharge on November 13, 1945. Orr settled in Balsam, Ontario and was its unofficial mayor. He owned and operated the local grocery store and was a member of Claremont Legion Branch 483 before he passed away on May 23, 1975. GRAHAM, John H. “Jack” Jack was born in Windsor, Ontario on June 30, 1921. He enlisted in the Army in 1940 and served as a Rifleman with the Essex Scottish Regiment, serving in Canada, England, France and Germany. He was taken prisoner at Dieppe but while he would speak of his POW experiences, he would not talk about the Dieppe raid in which he took part and was captured. Jack has the usual military decorations and was also a member of the War Veterans & Friends Club. He was discharged in 1946. Jack was a member of Sarnia Legion Branch 62 and was married to his war bride Doris until he passed away suddenly on February 26, 2011.