Military Service Recognition Book

1 ONTARIO COMMAND It is with great pleasure that I send congratulations to the Ontario Command of the Royal Canadian Legion, on the publication of your inaugural Military Service Recognition Book. With over 400 branches across the province, your organization is a mainstay of service and commemoration in our communities. While your focus has broadened to include contributing to neighbourly wellbeing through initiatives such as sports sponsorships, and youth and seniors programs, your primary emphasis remains honouring and caring for our Veterans. This book is the result of the hard work of those who served in the armed forces, and their family and friends, submitting stories and military biographies. The collection recognizes the bravery, camaraderie and sacrifice of our servicemen and women, while educating younger generations about those who dedicated their lives to Crown and Country. We only truly understand the present by knowing our past, and the Ontario Command of the Royal Canadian Legion has done a marvelous job in being "Keepers of Remembrance". As The Queen's representative in Ontario, I commend all those involved in the creation of this notable publication. Your tremendous efforts will ensure that Ontarians will continue to pay tribute to our soldiers. David C. Onley 28th Lieutenant Governor of Ontario THE L I EUTENANT GOVERNOR OF ONTAR I O LE L I EUTENANT- GOUVERNEUR DE L’ ONTAR I O