Military Service Recognition Book

55 ONTARIO COMMAND BUCHANAN, Joe H. Joe was born in Lahr, West Germany on April 28, 1973. He joined the military in 1992 as a Reservist with the Hasty P’s then transferred to Regular Force in 1993, serving with 2 Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry in Winnipeg. He completed his contract and transferred back to the Hasty P’s then volunteered for a tour in Bosnia where he served with 1st Battalion Royal Canadian Regiment. Upon his return from tasking, he transferred to the Regular Force and commenced duty with the Signals Regiment, serving a tour in Dubai in support of the Afghanistan mission. He was also with 21 EW Regiment in Kingston, served at Petawawa and is still in the military. Master Corporal Buchanan was awarded the Canadian Forces Decoration, the GPSM and UN (Croatia), Dubai. BUCHANAN, Robert T. Robert was born on August 13, 1967 in Pembroke, Ontario. He enlisted on March 5, 1991 as a Supply Tech and was posted to Svc Bn Petawawa. He served in support of several Units within the Brigade during his service. Robert served in Haïti and provided fresh water and resources to the impoverished residents of that country. He served in Bosnia in 1994 with the Service BN. Awarded the Canadian Forces Decoration, the GPSM and the UN (Bosnia) Medal, Sergeant Buchanan retired in 2011 and presently resides with his family in Petawawa. He has been a member of Petawawa Legion Branch 517 for one year. BUCHANAN, Robert D. “Buck” Buck was born on October 25, 1946 in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia. He enlisted on February 18, 1966 and began his career with the Canadian Guards in Petawawa, then was posted to 3RCR in 1971; 3 Mech CDO Germany from 1972-75; 1 CSR Kingston, 1981; 3RCR , 1983-87; Cyprus, 1986; Royal Canadian Regiment Btl School 1987-1990; the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment, 1990-95. He transferred to Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment, RSM 1995-2002. After serving in Petawawa, Germany, Cornwallis, Kingston, Winnipeg, Cyprus, Denmark and Norway, Buck was discharged on June 30, 2006 and retired. He resides in Wellington, Ontario and has been a member of Wellington Legion Branch 160 for forty-five years.