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The Process

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Disposition of the application form

The Ontario Command office reviews the applications, ensuring that the applicant meets the criteria for receiving an award.

The application is then distributed to the District Bursary Committee Chair as follows. 

  • If the applicant, his or her parent or grandparent is a member, the application is sent to the District Chair for the District in which the branch denoted on the application form is located.
  • If the parent or grandparent in question is deceased, the application is sent to the District Chair for the district in which the applicant resides.
  • If the parent or grandparent in question is not a member, the application is sent to the District Chair for the district in which the parent or grandparent resides.

Awards and allocations of funds

The maximum award to a student in each Academic/Scholastic year (September 1 to August 31 of the following year) will be $1250, but the District Selection Committee may recommend a lesser amount. The committee will, in all cases recommend a dollar value for each bursary to be awarded. The decision of the District Committee is final.

Approved Applications

Applicants, for whom assistance has been approved, will be notified by the Command Office upon receipt of the recommendation from the District Committee.

Awards will be distributed to successful applicants via e-transfers commencing in January, contingent upon confirmation by letter from the educational institution to the Ontario Command office, that the student in question has returned to school for their second semester. Students who fail to return to school for their second semester will not be eligible to receive an award.

Applications declined or denied

Unsuccessful applicants are to be notified by the District Committee that their application has been declined. The District Committee reviewing the applications may at its discretion refer an application to another level (district, zone or branch) with a recommendation as to the worthiness of the application. If the committee chooses this course of action, the applicant will be notified that he or she was unsuccessful at the provincial level.

An application may be deferred to another meeting and retained on file by the district committee until the decision is made.


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