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Youth Programs

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Helping Our Youth to Remember

Legions throughout Ontario Command sponsor youth programs that include sports, cadet corps, scouts, leadership training and remembrance activities. It is our aim to help youth learn an appreciation for teamwork, leadership, duty and most importantly, Remembrance.


Legions believe educating our youth on the high cost of their freedom is one of our most important roles in Ontario today.  We must impress upon young people who have never known war, that freedom was won at the cost of many lives; young lives like their own.  Our annual poster, literary and essay contests with a Remembrance theme, help focus the attention of the participants on those who gave all for the freedom we enjoy.

Ontario Command participates in the biannual Pilgrimage of Remembrance.  This program, organized by our Dominion Command, uses veterans and other Legion dignitaries as guides for tours of WWI and WWII battlefields and cemeteries.


In 2011 Ontario Command signed an accord with the three leagues (Army, Navy & Air Force) to strengthen and further or relationship with Cadets.

The Royal Canadian Legion branches have been a strong supporter of their local cadet units for many years and in turn the cadets units have assisted their branches with Poppy Campaigns and other Remembrance activities. Our branches are proud that since 2011 they have donated $1,337,000.00 to the Cadet Corps in Ontario. 

Interested in joining a Cadet Corps? Click on link :   Army  |  Navy  |  Air Force 

Cadet Medal of Excellence

Legions all across Ontario Command, in partnership with local cadet organizations and their sponsors, participate in the Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence Program. The Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence is awarded annually to the cadet having shown a high degree of participation and leadership in the area of citizenship and in meeting and enhancing the aims and objectives of the cadet organization.

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Track & Field

The Track and Field program of Ontario Command is unique in that it is the only program of its kind in the province that offers both a summer and winter meet to girls and boys 17 years of age and under.  Athletes can compete at two other levels (zone and district) and those that qualify at these levels can progress to the provincial level.

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The Bursary Program is designed to assist those students who enter a post secondary school of education (including courses and training programs of a technical and vocational nature) and pursue the same course throughout their academic years.


Youth Contests

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