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In 2011 Ontario Command signed an accord with the three leagues (Army, Navy & Air Force) to strengthen and further or relationship with Cadets. 

The Royal Canadian Legion branches have been a strong supporter of their local cadet units for many years and in turn the cadets units have assisted their branches with Poppy Campaigns and other Remembrance activities. Our branches are proud that since 2011 they have donated $1,337,000.00 to the Cadet Corps in Ontario. 
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Legions all across Ontario Command, in partnership with local cadet organizations and their sponsors, participate in the Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence Program. The Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence is awarded annually to the cadet having shown a high degree of participation and leadership in the area of citizenship and in meeting and enhancing the aims and objectives of the cadet organization.

The presentation and wearing of this medal is authorized by the Chief of the Defence Staff and is based solely on there being a suitably worthy cadet candidate within the corps. It is not to be considered a mandatory yearly selection.

Selection Criteria:

  1. The award of the Medal of Excellence and the criteria for selection, is based on recognized national standards, thus ensuring the prestige and significance of the medal are maintained and identified throughout Canada.
  2. Each unit in the Canadian Cadet organization is eligible to award one medal per training year, with the award being made only once to an individual cadet.
  3. The Commanding Officers of cadet corps are encouraged to seek the participation of The Royal Canadian Legion in the selection process, where possible, in order to emphasize the citizenship aspect of the award. The Commanding Officer of the cadet corps, in consultation with the corps officers and sponsor committee, is the approving authority for the award of the medal.
  4. As an alternative to the selection process outlined above, local organizations up the Region Cadet level may, with the agreement of all parties concerned with the process, form a centralized representative Selection Committee to consider recommendations of Corps/Squadron Commanding Officers. For example, this centralized selection group might be established at the Region Cadet Detachment level. This alternative process must be economically and administratively feasible.
  5. The criteria for selection of individual cadets requires that they have fulfilled the following conditions through three years of cadet training:
  • have fulfilled all requirements of the corps local headquarters annual mandatory training program and participated in 75% of the optional training;
  • have participated in at least three community service events, in addition to the corps supported programs;
  • must be seen by peers and superiors to exemplify the model cadet and enhance his/her corps status by:
  1. co-operation with peers and superiors
  2. comradeship
  3. promotion of goodwill and morale within the corps
  4. supporting and assisting corps members
  5. enhancing the image of Cadets in the local community

The corps Commanding Officer seeks the confirmation and recommendations of the various community organizations to which the cadet has provided volunteer time and assistance, in assessing his/her worthiness for the award. A cadet's scholastic record and extracurricular activities at school is also be considered.

Cadet Medal of Excellence Branch Order Form

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