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Youth Sports Testimonial

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From an Athlete's Perspective
An open letter from RCL National Champion Jenna Fleming

To Royal Canadian Legion, Br. 374, Richard’s Landing and the community at large. This past summer marked my third and final time representing our local Legion, District H, and Ontario Command at the Legion Track and Field Meets. This Legion has been with me in every step of my journey. From my first time going to the District Meet in Sudbury seven years ago, to my last time at the Legion National Championships this summer, I have always been excited to represent our local Legion. Every time I go to a Legion Meet, I am supported by countless Legion Members that dedicate their time to youth like me. Without their support there would be no way I could be where I am as an athlete or as a person. They showed me how to be kind, respectful and how to preserve. For this I will forever be grateful. Looking back, I would have never imagined where a pointy metal stick would take me. The past three years I have reached to new levels in my life and athletic career. I have had the opportunity to participate not only at the District Meets but at the Ontario Command Meets and Legion National Championships.
In 2016, 2017 and 2018 I was successful in winning javelin at the Provincial Championships and was selected to be part of a team that would represent Ontario at the National Meet. This year for the first time I earned the title of National Champion. People often look at the front of an athlete. They see the colourful ribbons and the flashy medals but they’re missing something. They never see what is behind the athlete and the success. My success in these events would not have been possible without the constant support that the Island and this Legion have given me. There’s a saying “it takes a village to raise a child”. A small town girl was not given just the support of a village but an entire island. I believe this is the reason I have been able to take my love of Track and Field to such heights. You have held my hand and given me more than I could ever ask for. Thank You!
Jenna Fleming


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