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Benevolent Funds

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Providing Basic Emergency Assistance

There are a number of Benevolent Funds which provide assistance to veterans, ex-service personnel and their dependants.

Applications for Benevolent Fund assistance are made through a Veterans Affairs counsellor or your Provincial Service Officer.

The purpose of these funds is to provide emergency assistance, which is not otherwise available. Requests for assistance usually relate to the basic needs of food, shelter and medical care and the assistance is designed to be on a one time basis.

Service requirements vary from one fund to the next. The applicant is required to complete an application form (V.A.C. 1278, readily available from any VAC office or a Provincial Service Officer) and a written estimate for the cost of required item which provides service information, family particulars, assets, debts, monthly income and expenses. The application form needs to be completed clearly and reflect accurately the present status of the applicant. Service verification and an estimate for the cost of the required item must accompany the application when it is forwarded to Veterans Affairs or your Provincial Service Officer. Branch Service officers should initially review the application to determine the extent of Branch assistance available and this should be noted when submitting the application.

Before requesting assistance, it is important to ensure that assistance is not otherwise available through existing programs (i.e. VAC, Assistive Devices Program etc.).

Service Requirements for the most common funds

Fund Service Requirements
Canadian Forces Personnel Assistance Fund Army service personnel who have served since October 1, 1946, Navy and Air Force personnel who have served since February 1, 1968 and their dependants.
Royal Canadian Navy Benevolent Fund Serving and former members of the RCN, with service prior to February 1, 1968.
Royal Canadian Air Force Benevolent Fund This fund no longer operates and has transferred its residual assets to the Dominion Command Legion Poppy Fund.
Poppy Funds
(Branch, Provincial and Dominion)
  • Veterans, ex-service personnel of the Canadian Armed Forces and their dependants.
  • Merchant Navy personnel who are eligible for or who have been awarded campaign stars or decorations and their dependants.
  • Ex-service personnel of commonwealth countries, other than Canada, and of allied countries, resident in Canada.
Soldiers Aid Commission Assists with all Service backgrounds
Imperial Funds Veterans and former members of the British Forces and their dependants.

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