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Disability Pensions

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Important Information

If your application for Hearing Loss disability benefits has been turned down in the past, either by Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) or by Veterans Review and Appeal Board (VRAB), you may be eligible for a partial entitlement as a result of a recent Federal Court of Appeal decision. Please contact a Provincial Service Officer in your area. 

NOTE: The pension system has undergone very comprehensive changes which took effect on April 1, 2006, as a result of the passing of the New Veterans Charter / the Canadian Forces Members and Veterans Re-Establishment Compensation Act. Traditional War Veterans are unaffected by this legislation and will continue to fall under the Pension Act. Disability pensions and other services in place prior to April 1, 2006 for existing clients are also not affected by the new legislation.

The new compensation will provide lump sum awards for the non-economic aspects of the disability.

Other benefits, which may be available under the new charter, are Rehabilitation Services, Health Benefits, Job Placement Assistance, Economic Loss Support, and Case Management.

Talk to your Provincial Service Officer regarding these new benefits through VAC.

Pensions under the current system (for traditional war veterans and currents and former CF members who applied prior to April 1, 2006).

Application for pension benefits may be made through The Royal Canadian Legion, a Pension Officer at Veterans Affairs Canada or directly to Veterans Affairs Canada on the prescribed application form. The services of The Royal Canadian Legion and the Pension Officer are free and we recommend that an applicant request assistance in putting forward a claim. The services of The Royal Canadian Legion and lawyers from the Bureau of Pensions Advocates are available free of charge for Reviews and Appeals.

Pensions are a right. They are not subject to income or estate taxes. Any other income has no bearing on either the entitlement to a pension or the amount. The rank in the service does not affect the entitlement to or amount of pension.



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